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What is ADIO?

ADIO is an acronym that stands for Above Down Inside Out. Your healing begins from the top down. That is referring to the Atlas bone, or the 1st bone in the neck just under the skull. This upper cervical complex is comprised of the bottom part of your skull (Occiput), Atlas (C1), and Axis (C2). This area is vital because of many important structures in this complex region.

An upper cervical misalignment, or subluxation can mean several things. The vertebral arteries travel up the neck and pass through holes in each vertebra. They then make a series of four 90-degree turns as they enter the skull supplying close to half the brain’s blood supply. If the Atlas bone is malpositioned, or subluxated, it could be putting pressure on either of the arteries restricting blood flow. This is essentially suffocating the brain and robbing it from oxygen and nutrients in order to function properly. There is also a possibility of poor venous drainage. This could be the cause of high or low blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, and brain fog just to name a few.

Besides arterial and venous flow, the brain becomes the spinal cord at that level; this is your brain stem. This extremely important control center takes care of all your vital functions, like heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and many more things that you do not have to think about or consciously control. Pressure on any of these areas can create dysfunction leading to health problems.

Your brain has 12 sets of nerves that branch off and serve various functions. The tenth cranial nerve is called the Vagus nerve. This nerve runs directly next to the Atlas bone and travels down to your visceral cavity supplying some function to most organs, including heart, lungs, pancreas, intestines, stomach, and more. Improper communication between brain and body can lead to dysfunction in any of these body systems.

Nerve impulses and signals can be impeded anywhere along the neural pathway, but if communication is being cut off at the source, healing and proper function cannot be facilitated.

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Meet the Doc

Dr. Ryan Dalzell

Ryan Dalzell, DC was born and raised in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area of Brevard County. Wanting to pursue a future in health care, he did not want to contribute to the growing medication problem in America.  Ryan chose a more natural approach to health and graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida.

During his time at PCC, Dr. Ryan began to gravitate towards the upper cervical region of the spine understanding its importance and being such a vital area. He began practice in an office in Melbourne and quickly realized there was another avenue for providing treatment for his patients. Ryan started ADIO Chiropractic LLC and began providing convenient, private treatment in the comfort of patients’ home or office.

Today, Dr. Ryan travels to his patients providing a concierge-style of treatment tailored to each individual with a focus on upper cervical. Dr. Ryan also utilizes a hand-held instrument to assist in his adjustments and corrections, so it is gentle and extremely safe for all ages and body types. He will approach your health from all angles and get you on a natural path of healing.

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Reviews and Testimonials

"Dr. Ryan is a compassionate & knowledgeable physician. I have been very pleased with my results under his care and so appreciate the convenience of the at home treatments."

- Elizabeth

April 17

"Excellent services, prompt and flexible timing, charismatic and friendly, not to mention Ryan knows what he’s doing and cares to help insteading of just doing his 'job.' After just 2 sessions, chronic pain over 10 years has gone away."      - Ted

February 5

"Dr. Ryan is amazing!. He’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping people heal. I just had my 3rd “house call” visit (yes he comes to your home total PLUS) and I’ve got to say I’m definitely feeling better. I have struggled with left arm numbness and tingling for about 2 years. I’ve also had neck, right shoulder, and right hip pain. I’ve tried other measures to help wtih the discomforts but had no real relief.

After my very first adjustment with him I was feeling better within a few days and after my second visit I got even better. Today I was excited to let him know that the numbness and tingling in my left arm for so long has almost resolved. The pains in my neck, shoulder, and hip are far in between now and I’m feeling so much better all around. I’m thankful I was able to start treatments that actually help and improve my activities of daily living. I will recommend his chiropractic services to anyone. Thank you for helping me through this journey of healing!"      - Adelaida

March 7

"I would highly recommend ADIO Chiropractic. Besides his great knowledge, he comes to your house at your convenience! He has done many treatments for my family members. My son gets injured a lot because he’s an athlete so his atlas needs to be adjusted every now and then. I personally had plantar fasciitis since last December and work 12 hour shifts on my feet. Just 2 treatments with Dr. Ryan and I no longer feel any pain in my heel. My significant other has tingling in his feet and with just 2 treatments he is not feeling the tingling as much.

One thing I like about Dr Ryan’s work is he goes right to the source of the problem area, which usually started somewhere else on the body."

- Natalie

March 15

"I have been using chiropractic services for about 25 years. I was pleasantly surprised with how thorough the appointment/treatment was. I had wonderful results and absolutely loved that it was in the comfort of my living room."      - Renae

January 25


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