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Set Appointment

  • Phone consultation (if necessary)
  • Set Initial and Follow Up appointments
    • Initial visit will take about an hour 
    • Subsequent visits take about 15-30 minutes
  • Patient will get a reminder text/call the day before appointment


Initial Visit

  • Day of initial visit, patient should be well hydrated before and after treatment
  • The doctor only requires a small space to set up a portable and conduct an examination  *Level of privacy left to the discretion of the patient*
  • Initial visit will begin with New Patient paperwork 
  • Detailed health history
  • Doctor will perform a focused examination with various orthopedic tests   *Patients may be asked to put their head and neck in positions that may induce worsening symptoms*
  • Doctor and patient will discuss a treatment plan that best fits the patient's lifestyle and budget
  • Based on the history, patient presentation, examination, and other various pieces of information, the doctor may require radiographic imaging before treatment
  • Doctor will begin adjust, or correct specific levels and regions according to the examination findings   *Patients will be asked to lay face up and face down during treatment*
  • Discuss the “Do’s and Don’ts” and what to expect post-treatment
  • Confirm follow-up appointment


Follow-Up Visit and Regular Appointments

  • Day of appointment, patient should be well hydrated before and after treatment
  • The doctor only requires a small space to set up a portable and conduct an examination  *Level of privacy left to the discretion of the patient*
  • Patient reports what they experienced since the initial correction
  • Doctor administers treatment after a brief examination   *Patient may be asked to perform various stretches and exercises*
  • Patient may be asked to rest face up for a brief period after treatment
  • Doctor will discuss what else to expect and how the patient can be the most compliant
  • Doctor will make a recommendation of when the patient should be seen again and set next appointment

What to Expect

During treatment, the doctor will make specific corrections and perform certain adjustments. The difference is in the treatment of the Atlas (C1) and the upper cervical spine. The body and frame will be more balanced and certain compensatory misalignments, called subluxations, will want to correct themselves. Certain musculature and joints may feel sore and/or achy.  *Occasionally patients report discomfort in various areas, including areas not originally mentioned as a chief complaint*

It is important for the patient to remember that they are going through a healing phase and healing does not “feel” good. The feeling well comes after the healing when the body is healthy. Most patients experience minimal discomfort and have changes in symptomatology within minutes to hours.

The patient may feel sore or bruised, especially day of treatment as the inflammation and toxins are released from tissues and the body heals. Patients will be advised how to cope with any discomfort they may experience in the most natural ways possible.

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ADIO Chiropractic 

Dr. Ryan's mission is to educate his patients about the power of chiropractic and upper cervical care. The information he shares will empower his patients to live longer, healthier lives. He is dedicated to helping people get their bodies healing without surgery or drugs through natural and holistic principals. Dr. Ryan educates his patients on the true meaning of health and helps them achieve optimal health and well-being.

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