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Mobile Chiropractor in Portland

ADIO Chiropractic is coming to PDX!!!

Now accepting new patients
Appointments begin in August 2021

Take advantage of lower initial rates!

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ADIO Chiropractic is expanding and bringing mobile upper cervical care right to your door! Dr. Ryan will be arriving in the greater Portland area in early August!! 

Take advantage of lower inital rates while getting started in a new area!

The initial appointment usually takes about an hour and is $120.$100
The follow up and subsequent visits are between 15-30 minutes, $70. $50
New patients will benefit from lower pricing through the month of August
and will receive priority scheduling

Initial appointment is $100 and follow-ups will be $50...LIMITED TIME

Dr. Ryan has treated patients from 2 to 92 years of age. He will improve your health with a whole-body approach addressing more than just your physical frame. Activator instrument-adjusting makes it safe and effective for all ages and body types.

Dr. Ryan can provide patients with the necessary documentation so they can file their own insurance claim. Services rendered fall under chiropractic treatment and patients will get reimbursed according to their coverage.

If you have any further questions, please call or text 503.489.8984

Please leave a message, Dr. Ryan will respond ASAP...Thank you and SEE YOU SOON!

Upper Cervical refers to the Atlas and Axis, the first and second bones in the neck just beneath the skull.

Learn more about the Atlanto-axial junction, upper cervical, and subluxations on the EDUCATION page.

Outstanding Chiropractic Care

At ADIO Chiropractic, we understand how debilitating chronic back and neck pain can be, and how these can also lead to devastating headaches that leave you unable to function in your daily life. Our chiropractic doctor has years of training and experience in helping patients get the relief they need to return to normal activity.

Our hands-on chiropractic adjustments bring your spine and musculoskeletal structure into proper alignment, restoring mobility to muscles and joints restricted by tissue injury or repetitive stress. Our doctor also treats conditions involving extremities, including shoulder, wrist, hip, knee, ankle and foot problems, and can even help prevent injuries. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Our Services
  • Mobile Chiropractor
  • Nutrition & Diet Coaching
  • Athletic Performance Improvement
  • Upper Cervical Chiropractic
  • TheraBand Kinesio Taping
Dr. Ryan Guarantees:
  • Chiropractic care at home or office
  • Deliver a gentle and precise adjustment
  • Vertebral subluxations correction
  • Knowledgeable and passionate to serve
Traveling to:
  • Palm Bay, FL
  • Melbourne, FL
  • Viera, FL
  • Rockledge
  • Melbourne Beach, FL
  • Indialantic, FL
  • Portland
Mobile Chiropractor in Portland

Pain relief is just a call away!

We Travel to You

Our mobile chiropractic clinic provides you with the amazing benefits of chiropractic care while offering the convenience of never having to leave your house.

Most work from home jobs lead to increased tension and stress on the body. Our treatment can help to alleviate that tension and increase your productivity and enjoyment at work and home life. ADIO Chiropractic provides the highest quality chiropractic care, as well as exceptional nutrition coaching. You can trust us when we say you are literally in great hands!

We are dedicated to providing you with a level of best medical care, attention and personal service that you just won't find anywhere else.

Contact us today and start on your path to a better state of being, with less pain and a greater ability to embrace your life. 

Mobile Chiropractor in Portland

Helping you lead your best life

ADIO CHIROPRACTIC provides high-quality services to patients. Call us now on 321-426-0446

After serving Florida with distinction for many years now, ADIO Chiropractic is now bringing our healing hands to Portland as of August 2021. If you’re struggling with neck, back or joint pain, call us today to schedule a visit.

Pain relief is just a call away!

We promise you’ll feel better than you have in years! Book your appointment today

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