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ADIO Chiropractic is coming to PDX!!!

May 25th to June 4th
and returning in early August


Take advantage of lower initial rates!


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Dr. Ryan will be in the greater Portland area getting patients established and making some contacts from May 25th to June 4th. He will be returning in early August to resume care with established patients and begin any referrals. 

Take advantage of lower inital rates while getting started in a new area!

The initial appointment usually takes about an hour and is $120.
The follow up and subsequent visits are between 15-30 minutes, $70.
New patients will benefit from lower pricing through the month of August.

Initial appointment is $100 and follow ups will be $50...LIMITED TIME

Dr. Ryan has treated patients from 2 years of age to 92 years of age. He will improve your health with a whole-body approach addressing more than just your physical frame.

Dr. Ryan can provide patients with the necessary documentation so they can file their own insurance claim. Services rendered fall under chiropractic treatment and patients will get reimbursed according to their coverage.

If you have any further questions, please call or text 503.489.8984

Please leave a message, Dr. Ryan will respond ASAP...Thank you and SEE YOU SOON!